Project Description

Island Freezer Fridge Refrigerator for Supermarket Shop Store

  • Capacity: 600-1000L

  • Temperature: ≤-18~-22℃
  • Refrigerant: R404a
  • Climate Type: N .SN.T.ST
  • Cooling Style: Direct cooling
  • Power Supply: 110V/220V/50HZ

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1850/2500*870*800/870mm
  • Application: for Supermarket Frozen Food Display Freezer

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Model ZHDG-SD-1.85 ZHDG-S-1.85 ZHDG-S-2.5
External Dimension(L*W*H mm) 1850*870*800 1850*870*870 2500*870*870
Exterior Steel Plate Steel Plate Steel Plate
Interior Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Insulation Polyurethane foam Polyurethane foam Polyurethane foam
Weight(kg) 114 122 160
Refrigerant R404a R404a R404a
Volume(L) 600 650 1000
Area(㎡) 1.6 1.6 2.1
Temperature(℃) -18~-22 -18~-22 -18~-22
Power Supply 220V /50Hz 220V /50Hz 220V /50Hz
Accessories Multideck Multideck Multideck
Usage Low temperature food Low temperature food Low temperature food

Adjustable Basket

Made from a durable material which does not easily corrode, stain, or rust.

Digital Thermostat

Accurate supervision, easy to operate.

Heated Glass

Prevent frost from forming on the galss.

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